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Welcome to the website of The Sydney Institute for Psycho-Analysis (SIP) the Sydney base of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society (APAS). The Sydney Institute for Psycho-Analysis is a centre for psychoanalytic education and training which promotes psychoanalytic treatment. We offer a wide range of training and educational opportunities for people with different levels of clinical experience and different academic backgrounds, interested in learning about contemporary psychoanalysis. SIP members are all qualified psychoanalysts who offer a range of clinical services to the community.

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A lecture by Dr Shlomith Cohen


Treatment under pressure: A psychoanalytic contribution

to the treatment of children at risk of abuse and neglect

In this presentation, I wish to share my experience in applying psychoanalytic concepts and views in interventions with children at high risk of abuse and neglect.

Being targets of actions of external forces, the subjective experiences and internal world of these children are at risk, endangering their potential for meaningful change in their lives. Looking at two cases, I wish to demonstrate the potential of the psychoanalytic approach to develop a model of intervention that offers these children a unique opportunity to continue their growth, and can help their therapists to partake in this taxing endeavour.
Dr. Shlomith Cohen is a training psychoanalyst for children and adults, and a member of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society. She has served on various public interdisciplinary committees of mental health experts and legal experts in searching for ways to help children at risk for abuse and neglect.

She supervised for over a decade psychologists and social workers working in a trauma clinic for children, and has contributed extensively to a book she edited A Home with a Window. Emergency Centers for Children at Risk and Their Families (Jerusalem, 2007, Hebrew).

Chair:  Ms Julie Meadows

Date: Thursday, 31st August 2017
Time: 8 - 9.30pm
Cost: 44.00 incl GST
Video Conferencing: $55 incl GST
Location: 5 Penshurst Street Willoughby NSW 2057

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A new training programme will commence in 2018 Applications close 23 March 2018.

Training information and the application form can be downloaded at:


All enquiries please contact:
Dr Louise Gyler, Chair, Admissions Committee phone: 02 9953 3520


Clinical Training in Adult Psychoanalysis
clinicaltrainingwbis offered as a graduate program by the Sydney Branch of the Australian Psychoanalytic Society. This course will appeal to those who wish to pursue their interest in the human mind, its internal world and unconscious processes, and who want to develop this interest in order to become trained as a psychoanalyst.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course at The Sydney Institute for Psycho-Analysis

The Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course at Sydney Institute for Psycho-analysis aims to help clinicians extend their use of psycho-dynamic ideas in their work. The Course provides further support through its Scholarship and Mentorship program. The next intake for this one year course in Term 1, 2017 is open for applications.

SGSC 2Small Group Seminars & Consultation is an approachable way of trying psychodynamic supervision in a group discussion of your clinical work with 2 - 6 clinicians and a Member of Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis (SIP).

SGSC aims to provide an enjoyable space where you can learn from your own experience and share in the experiences of others. Groups run for about a year, are held at locations in Sydney. SGSC is designed to be a self-contained professional development activity.



epicwbEngaging in Psychoanalytic Ideas and Concepts

EPIC offers a broad range of regular outreach programs that will be offered from time to time in the form of seminars and workshops. These will be designed to promote interest in, and understanding of, the theory and practice of psychoanalysis.


Past Events


Sigourney awarded to Neville Symington

Sydney psychoanalyst Neville Symington received the Sigourney award in 2013. The Sigourney award recognizes outstanding contributions to psychoanalysis worldwide. As Neville was unable to attend the award ceremony in New York, his acceptance speech was delivered on his behalf by Dr Glen Gabbard. In March 2014 Dr James Telfer delivered a speech to members of the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis, in acknowledgement of Neville's receiving the award.

Glen Gabbard's introduction and Neville Symington's acceptance speech may download here.

Dr James Telfer's speech may be downloaded here.

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