Clinical Training in Adult Psychoanalysis


Clinical training in adult psychoanalysis is offered by the Sydney Branch of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society (APAS). The course will appeal to those who wish to pursue their interest in the human mind, the internal world and unconscious processes, in order to train as a psychoanalyst. The course is designed to allow candidates to develop at their own pace.

The first year involves an experience of Infant Observation and participation in seminars. The theoretical program is closely tied to the clinical development of the candidates and takes place in small group settings.  The course is part-time and designed to be available to working candidates. For a substantial part of the training, candidates will be required to be in their own analysis, which offers them the opportunity to personally experience how psychoanalysis can bring about self awareness and lasting change.

Completion of the training entitles the graduate to be eligible for membership of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society and therefore of the International Psychoanalytical Association. The APAS Prospectus for Training can be viewed on line at: 

We offer this course by Long Distance Training to applicants who live further afield, substantially outside the Sydney region or overseas.  For further enquiries about these requirements please contact the Admissions chair on the address below.  Please note that applications for the 2018 training program have now closed. It is anticipated that the next SIP Training Program will begin in 2022.

Please contact Margaret Berkovic on for further information.



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