Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course at Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis Course Outline 2016 PPC @ SIP The Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course at Sydney Institute for Psycho-­analysis aims to help clinicians extend their use of psycho-­dynamic ideas in their work. The Course provides further support through its Scholarship and Mentorship program.

The syllabus is based on Alessandra Lemma’s book ‘Introduction to the Practice of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy,’ which can be approached from different levels of experience. The Course helps participants to develop an ‘analytic attitude’ to understand patients’ distress and promote lasting change. This ‘analytic attitude’ can also be useful for practitioners of organisational change and legal mediation. Participants who have found this course helpful include psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, GP’s, nurse practitioners, organisational consultants and lawyers.

Aspects of psychodynamic theory and practice covered in the syllabus include: • an overview of the Schools of Psychoanalysis • the process of psychic change • the analytic frame and attitude • unconscious communication • defences and resistance • transference and countertransference • working with endings    

A range of SIP Members who lead Seminars will demonstrate different ways of working with psychodynamic ideas. Seminars run from 6.30‐9.30pm on Monday evenings, in four terms of 8 weeks that follow the school term timetable from January to December 2016. Each Monday evening consists of two seminars, separated by a half hour dinner break. In the Rirst seminar the key concepts of the reading are outlined by Seminar leaders. Participants are asked to bring a vignette, question, or comment to explore ideas in the reading. I n the second seminar two participants give presentations for discussion in small groups.  

As well as syllabus readings, participants are provided with a subscription to PEPWEB, which provides online access to most psychodynamic journals. There is also a PPC library available.    

Up to four Scholarships are awarded to participants in each PPC Intake.    

SIP Members are available as Mentors to Course participants who would like help to consider their professional development.
For most participants PPC provides a self-­contained module suitable for professional development programs. While PPC@SIP is not a clinical qualification, many participants use the Course as a foundation for further studies in the SIP Small Group Seminar (SGS) program, or training programs at SIP and other organisations.    

The SGS program supplements PPC with seminars that explore subjects in more depth. More information about SGS can be found here:  www.sydneypsychoanalysis.a sn.au/education/small-­group‐supervision.html  

Wherever possible, it is recommended that participants have a personal experience of psychodynamic psychotherapy to better understand the Course material, and help to Rind a therapist can be provided.    

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided on satisfactory completion of the Course.     

If you wish to apply for a place in the PPC Course complete the Application Form at: http://www.sydneypsychoanalysis.asn.au/downloads-2/ppcsip.html Applicants will be interviewed to discuss the suitability of the Course for their interests. The Course Fees of $2900 (+ $290 gst) are payable upon acceptance of a place in PPC.    

Scholarships aim to promote excellence and diversity in the application of psychodynamic thinking. Scholarship applications from early career clinicians working with disadvantaged patients in ‘not-­for-­profit’ organisations and public mental health services are welcome. The Scholarships aim to facilitate access to the Course so applicants without employer subsidy or with limited means will be given preference. Scholarship applications are individually considered on their merits, and a panel will assess applicants’ written personal statements, professional interests and aspirations, and their capacity to beneRit from the Course. Suitable applicants will be offered a Scholarship interview with a panel during October and November 2015. Application for a Scholarship is made in the relevant section of the Application form.   

Please direct enquiries about the PPC@SIP program to Liz Kerr, Julie Meadows, Kaye Nelson, Leonie Sullivan, or Mark Howard at this email address: ppcatsip@iinet.net.au For further notiRications about this Course please put your name on the SIP email list, at: http://www.sydneypsychoanalysis.asn.au Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course at Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis Course. PPC@SIP provides mental health clinicians with an opportunity to extend their understanding of psychodynamic theory and its clinical application in their work.

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