PPC@SIP Course Applications 2016

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2017 Course Applications open until October 30, 2016*

The next PPC@SIP Course will commence in February 2017.

The Course syllabus is based on Alessandra Lemma’s introductory book about psychodynamic psychotherapy. This text provides a good foundation for clinical discussions to develop observation and listening skills that are helpful for all mental health professionals, as well as professionals engaged in organisational change and mediation.
The Course suits newcomers to psychodynamic thinking as well as more experienced clinicians, and PPC is suitable as a stand alone professional development module, as a foundation for the SIP Small Group Seminar program, or to explore an interest in more intensive training programs at SIP and other organisations.

During the Course, mentorship from SIP Members is also available to help participants consider their further professional development.
The Course provides access to a library and a PEPWEB subscription for one year.
Where possible, it is recommended that participants have some personal experience of psychodynamic therapy to gain a practical understanding of the Course material.
For further information and a PPC Application & Scholarship form go to: sydneypsychoanalysis.asn.au/downloads-2/ppcsip.html
For enquiries or RSVP please contact Liz Kerr, Julie Meadows, Leonie Sullivan, or Mark Howard.

Email: ppc-at-sip@iinet.net.au

*Subject to course vacancies

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