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Shahid 170X72dpiPsychoanalysis and Buddhism
Dr Shahid Najeeb
Moonlight Reflected in Dewdrops
The title of these lectures is a quote from Dogen’s poem “To what shall / I liken this world? / Moonlight reflected / In dewdrops, / Shaken from a crane’s bill.”  In Japanese poetry “cranes” (being long lived) represent what endures, “dew drops” transience & “moonlight” enlightenment. This series of six lectures gathers together these elements in psychoanalysis & Buddhism to show how they dynamically relate to & reflect each other.

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Price $35.00 for a series of 6 lectures

Susie Obach talking about navigating our culture's body anxiety:

Susie Orbach is a psychoanalyst and writer. Her interests have centred around feminism & psychoanalysis, the construction of femininity and gender, globalisation & body image and emotional literacy.  Her numerous publications include the classic Fat is a Feminist Issue, The Impossibility of Sex and her latest book Bodies. In this discussion Susie explores the multiple pressures which have combined to create body insecurity. She explores the role of visual culture and the ways in which the family setting is now fraught around food and body image issues, aided by industries who profit from creating body unhappiness. She suggests ways to fight back to claim the body as a place to live from rather than be victimised by the style and diet industries.

Price $18

Here's a link to a .zip file. Within powerpoint slide show to accompany Susie Orbach's Talk

If you can’t hear the silence you are not listening to the words

In this talk Maurice Whelan novelist, poet, and psychoanalyst, examines the creative mind. He is interested in the mind of the writer and in the creativity that is necessary to live a life. He explains how a creative mind is nourished and protected. He explores the importance of silence. He argues for a full engagement with everyday emotional experience. He poses questions: How does a writer take ordinary events and from them make an extraordinary story? Where is transformational energy to be found? Maurice views writing a novel or a poem as an act of personal expression and social communication – a writer must always have a reader in mind. In advancing his ideas he will draw on his own prose and poetry and on two Irish writers, the poet Seamus Heaney, and the novelist John McGahern. James Joyce said a piano was a coffin of music that needed a pianist to play it to life. John McGahern added that a book is a coffin of words; it is the reader who breathes it to life.

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Time: 17.50

Price: $12.00

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